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Jun 11 2010

More induction…

Today was a lot of ups and downs. I still don’t have a job, due in part to the biggest partner district not having finalized their things yet, as well as being sent into an interview for a dual language reading development position when they were looking for someone fluent in Spanish – aka not me. It was a bit of a bummer, because the interview went really well, and they said if they had had a mainstream English position open I would have gotten it, they just needed someone fluent in Spanish. Oh well. It’s only what, day 3? I’m not going to freak out yet!

The up part of the day came tonight, when we went out with an ’09 CM who teaches middle school science and is supposed to help our transition to Institute. She was really nice, and more than made up for the terrible dinner we had the night before with two ’08 CMs, who spent the dinner talking about what a terrible challenge it was and how everyone is clinically depressed their first year and things like that. There’s a bar across the street from the dorm complex we’re staying in as ASU, so a bunch of us went over there for a drink afterwards, and I’ve been joking about how a posse is starting to form.

Tomorrow is scheduled from 8:15 to 5:00, and then we’re going to hang out in the suites at the Diamondbacks game in the evening (someone with their organization is a big believe in TFA, so they donate the suites for Induction!) I’m pretty psyched, should be a good night!

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